Version 2.6

+Limit Manga (Only For Login Users)

+Re:Design Homepage:
-Add More Button (New, Hot, Top Menu)
-Add Random Manga Button Menu
-Add Auto Bookmark Button Menu (Only For Login Users)

+Re:Design User Control Page:
-Move Auto Bookmark Function to Homepage

+Add Advertising to View Page:
-Load Advertising 1 time/per day (Only For Login Users)
-Load Advertising 3 time/per day (Only For Guest)

+Fix Duplicate Line Title of Detail Page
+Fix Full Width of History

P/S : Early Birthday Update, One year has passed but I'm not sure if it will pass next year. So... Please don't be suprise if you can't read on tomorrow. Because some untold reasons please login to read Manga.

May 11, 2017

Version 2.5

-Re:Design Home Page
-Re:Design Detail Page
-Re:Design View Page
-Re:Design User Control Page
-Re:Design Search Page
-Re:Design Chatbox Function
-Improve Loading Home Page's Speed
-Improve Loading Detail Page's Speed
-Limit some animation which is not necessary
-Add 'Send Email For New Version' Function
-Add 'Share Manga' Function in Detail Page
-Max Length of Username become 12

P/S: This is 'small' update for Manga Leaf. I'm still busy with new project, so... next version of mangaleaf will be longer. But if you see any bugs, report me in social network, I will always keep that as a top priority.

Feb 27, 2017

Version 2.4 Plus

-Fix Lastest Chapter Link of Bookmark coun't click
-Improve System Code
-Improve Search Bar

P/S : If you see Manga that chapters is missed. Report me in Social Network. I'm not sure about new system code because I have no time to test.

Nov 02, 2016

Version 2.4

-Add Bookmark Manga Function
-Add Share Manga Function
-Re:Design User Control UI

-Auto Bookmark and async with Account when read any Manga.
-Auto Check Lastest Chapters Release in User Control
-List Bookmark limit 20 Manga
-You must login to use this function.

-Copy Manga Link and Post to Facebook, Google+, Twitter. Maybe I will add Sharing Button when I have time.

-After finished The Design, I recognized one thing - 'Why does it look like Windows 7 ? !'

P/S : If you find any bugs or wanna new functions, just contact and I consider about that in next version. Call it a month... Anyway, Civilization 6 truly anwsome ! :))

Oct 23, 2016

Version 2.3

-Add User Control UI
-Add Change Basic Infor Function
-Add 'Forgot Password' Function
-Add 'ReSend Active Email' Function
-Add Animation to Google+, Facebook, Twitter Logo
-'New Release' Home Page List up from 75 to 100
-Improve Speed Load Home Page
-Fix bug 'Lost Focus' of search bar in tablet, mobile devices

P/S : 'Remind Version by Email' will delay next time because some problems. Login Point and Title are not work now, that's design for next few versions. There more functions need update, and if no version release before 22th this month, that's mean it's will be delay to next month because : Civilization VI, Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2... :))

Oct 13, 2016

Version 2.2

-Add Register Page
-Add Discussion Page
-Add Discussion Button to Detail Page
-Fix 'No Object' when loading Page.
-Remind new version by Email if you registered.

P/S : I have the intention to create discussion look like durarara chat room. But it seems not to be suitable with the website, then I decided to change merge with my style.
And... try to remember password until next time because User control still building... :))

Oct 05, 2016

Version 2.1 Plus

-More Improve Load Speed of Home Page.
-Fix Lost Images and Animation of Home Page.
-Add Position State When back to Home Page.

P/S : Time Load of Home Page was reduced from 5 to 7 seconds than yesterday.

Sep 10, 2016

Version 2.1

-Fix Autocomplete not load because large data.
-More Width to Search Bar.
-Improve Home Page Speed.
-Improve Detail Page Speed.
-Limit some animation which is not necessary.

P/S : Now Animation will be load defend on devices, mangas.
Looking swell in Laptop, PC and more stable in Smart Devices.

Sep 09, 2016

Version 2.0

-Re:Design All New Web UI
-Add More Animations. 'Detail Page' have a little delay if a lot of chapters
-Add Autocomplete to Search Box
-Remove Previous/Next Button in 'View Page' if have no chapter.
-Fix Break Layout of 'Detail Page'
-Update History to Facebook, Twitter, Google+
-Now You no need to Clear Cache or Cookie when new version update. Not Sure this 100% work for Everyone. So... If break, then clear cache and cookie again ! :))

P/S : Last month many things made me delay. For example : No Man's Sky, Master of Orion... just because test my Laptop after fixed. and I wonder next month... :))

Sep 07, 2016

Version 1.9

-Improve Page Load Speed of Home Page'
-Improve Page Load Speed of 'Detail Page'
-Re:Write System Code

P/S: Finally my laptop was returned after many days at warranty.
This is last version of 1.xx, no delay in loading page, everything seems so stable and ready for next step.

Aug 07, 2016

Version 1.8

-Improve Page Load Speed of 'Detail Page'.
-Release Time Chapters of 'Detail Page' update every second.
-Fix 'Not Scroll' of Floating Button.
-Remove Animation of 'Detail Page'.

P/S : Load Speed of 'Detail Page' was improved 10 times before. But not work for the first person who read new release chapter. Sometimes slower is better. LOL =))

Jul 15, 2016

Version 1.7

-Improve Page Load Speed of 'Home Page'.
-Add Session State to 'Home Page'.
-Add Floating Button to 'Home Page'.
-Re:Design 'History Page'.
-Re:Write all link Pages.
-Change new Server.
-Fix Wrong Time Cards, now Cards update every second.

P/S : Manga Leaf now is more friendly with devices, at least I think so. But many things still need to improve.

Jun 30, 2016

Version 1.6

-Improve Page Load Speed of 'Home Page'.
-Add 'Top Month' Function to 'Home Page'.
-Add 'Hot Release' Function to 'Home Page'.
-Add 'New Version' Alert to 'Home Page'.
-Apply Animation Effects to 'Home Page'.
-Add Smooth Scroll to 'View Page' for person who use mouse.
-Wrong Time Card of 'Home Page' will fix next version

Jun 21, 2016

Version 1.4

-Fix 'Miss Pages' Error
-Fix 'Slow loading Pages' Error
-Database is stable now, full Manga will update for the next 2 days.

Jun 02, 2016

Version 1.3

-Update Cover & Icon Facebook
-Update Cover & Icon Twitter
-Update Cover & Icon Google Plus

Jun 02, 2016

Version 1.2

-Fix 'Missing Manga Cover' Error
-Update daily Database
-Add 'More Button' at Homepage, now we can easily read previous manga.

May 31, 2016

Version 1.1

-Fix Mobile Resolution of Detail Page
-Fix Logo Position
-Update Database (Unfinished)
-Add Facebook Account
-Add Twitter Account
-Add Google+ Account

May 30, 2016

Version 1.0

New manga website with friendly UI release! Website suitable for any devices. More features will coming soon. Follow and bookmark us if you like!

May 25, 2016